The last active sugar factory in Martinique to produce brown sugar but also makes a rum called Grand Arome. It was created in 1865 on the Domaine de Grand Fond.

In 1865, Eugene Eustace, a former trader decides to install a modern sugar factory on the large base area, already an important center of the cane in Trinidad.

It is now the only unit of the sugar island still active. The harvest takes place from March to June During this period. Habitation Le Galion, famous from the seventeenth century, can be visited on request. It has been also a great location for many fims.

Cane plants are planted by cuttings. They are buried and give buds that develop into stems. Harvest happens every year from March to June. Once arrived at the distillery, the canes are washed, cut and crushed. The resulting residue, bagasse, is used to fuel the boiler, which allows a perfect energy autonomy for the distillery.

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Map showing Le Galion Sugar Mill & Distillery