No matter which excursion you choose, you will be engulfed in Martinique’s rich French/Creole/Caribbean culture.

  • Cuisine – Martinique has won many awards for the best food in the Caribbean. Many excursions offer opportunities to experience how local chefs have used local ingredients along with their multi-cultural heritage to create unique and memorable culinary experiences.
  • Dance – “Bele” is a uniquely local traditional dance, with its roots in the rich African heritage of many Martiniquans. “Bele” performances mix movement, percussion and song into energetic and passionate shows. You can even join in!
  • Villages – Many excursions give the opportunity to get away from the cities and tourist areas, visiting small local communities and fishing villages. Martinique may be a tourist mecca, but for many locals, life hasn’t changed in generations.
  • Markets – Every town features a local market, from the great Covered Market in Fort-de-France to the smaller markets dotted throughout the island. Don’t miss the fresh local spices, fruits, jewelry, clothing and handicrafts.
Pottery Village