Guy and his team offer several hiking packages in the North and South of Martinique, island with multiple and beautiful landscapes.

With new buggies or perfectly maintained, approved and insured, they offer completely different circuits, from 10 to 50 km of 1 hour to the day.

At choice, 2 geographical sites are available to you:

  • One in the South of the island Sea side
  • The second in the North side Nature

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Watt Up! reinvents recreational vehicle rentals in Martinique, on land and at sea, with a resolutely innovative approach! The common denominator? 100 % electric. Get off the beaten track, rent a trendy vehicle and escape to Martinique’s coastline and roads.

At WATT UP! the team in charge of welcoming you is made up of certified specialized professionals who have several years of experience. Their vehicles and boats are new or recent, licensed, insured and inspected regularly. They are equipped with GPS and trackers.

At WATT UP! we make every effort to ensure your safety during your discovery activities.

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Couple in buggy on tour