Martinique Access’île is a social and solidarity travel agency fonded by Noel Cicalini in 2010 who is also the president, tour operator himself paraplegic, specialized in stays for people with disabilities and the elderly.

He is an expert in organizing accessible trips and proposes vacations suited for your disability. Manager in stays referenced as « Handi Tourism » and involved in accessible touristic sites development and creation, Martinique Access’île is partnering with local authorities and organizations, Martinique Authorities, towns Associations and Martinique Tourism Authority. We have our own special vans as well as experienced staff.


Discover Martinique: Natural sites, sightseeing, hikes, sea excursions or sea baths. Day tour or half day
Tandem skydiving with experienced instructors for people with disabilities.

Diving experience supervised by trained diving instructors for people with disabilities, and a boat with an winch to go down in water.

Access’île Martinique: Travel guide published by Noel Cicalini. 
You will find in this guide all practical information according to your handicap, to prepare and and experience your stay without limitation.

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