Cruise visitors to Fort de France are receiving an even warmer welcome with the Martinique Cruise Village, a complex consisting of vendors and information points, located at both the Pointe Simon and Tourelles Cruise Terminals.

Open for arrival of cruise vessels the Villages are in place on cruise days, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, throughout the season.

Vendors include local clothing, jewelry and accessory designers, locally produced skin care products and perfumes, souvenir shops, local artists exhibiting their paintings and tasty snacks. All vendors accept payment in US Dollars.

The experience is enhanced with live local music, entertainment, rum tasting, and greetings by multi-lingual hostesses. Our local AOC rums are available for sale and visitors are able to bring back the perfect souvenir to their loved ones.

The Martinique Tourism Authority and the Fort de France tourist offices also have booths onsite to assist visitors in designing their perfect day in Martinique.

Further into the city, visitors are assisted by “City guides” easily noticeable by their red vest uniform. These multi-lingual local guides, dispatched through the city are always handy to answers questions, give directions or just welcome visitors.

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